In 1940 the fate of the free world rests with a band of Polish brothers, ready to die for another country to save their own. 

Even today, few realise that the most successful group of pilots in the Battle of Britain weren't even British. HURRICANE tells the story of 303 Squadron  the Polish fliers who found themselves fighting for the freedom of their own country in foreign skies. HURRICANE shows how, even in a man's finest hour, cynical political maneuverings can destroy his hopes, strip away his dignity and lead him to a very dark place indeed. 

Hurricane is the story of what turns men into heroes and the terrible price that so often comes with it.

Written by: Robert Ryan and Alastair Galbraith

Produced by: Matthew Whyte and Krystian Kozlowski

Directed by: David Blair

Genre: WW2 Action Drama

Status: Released 2018

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